Blending is procedure when two different grades of liquid create a new grade. This can be just improving one parameter or changing the product entirely. Regardless, the precision and constant attendance is always important once such operations are taking place. Blend needs to be on spec and also it needs to be economically maximized. Meaning, the cost of the components must be kept to minimum so the client can maximize profit on sale of the finished blend.


Sometimes, something already happened and there is need for understanding what happened. In such situations, getting any info through telephone or email is virtually impossible. The only way Is to send someone to talk to people in person or to see things with their own eyes to understand what happened or what is the case.

There are so many things that SPECTIS can survey that if there is a need for a survey the best case is to contact the office directly and then more details can follow.


Claims analysis, inspections

Further to surveys, some events can and do lead to claims. Again, SPECTIS can assist in making a claim or defending from one. Again, this field is so wide that best way is to contact the office and then more info can be had.

Analysis, a lot of time if not on all occasions analysis of quality Is needed. SPECTIS will supervise sampling and testing in laboratory to verify the results and to make sure that paperwork following the cargo is representing the reality in the field.

Inspections are basically all of the above but if there is a need for any other kind of inspection, survey, witnessing or just about anything that an extra set of eyes in the field can sort. Contact the office and it can be arranged.

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