Reduce cargo loss

Loss prevention during loading

Cargo losses are inevitable in all aspects of transport industry. Some industries have managed over decades to develop transportation modes that keep the cargo loss and damages to bare minimum. However, in transportation of liquids, not that much has changed since the start of the days.

Measuring the exact volume and weight of the liquid is quite a complicated science. It is simplified through tables and special software, that even the most basic workers in the field are able to achieve reasonable levels of accuracy. But when serious discrepancies occur then a more sophisticated approach is needed. Highly experienced and knowledgeable inspector will be able to investigate the situation and find the best solution for the problem.

Loading issues are normally overstated BL figures and false quality reports. In reality the paperwork does not matchthe volumes and cargo conditions on board.

Loss prevention during discharge

The basic aim during discharge is in reality the same as for loading. Main difference being that here the outturn certificate needs to match the ship’s arrival figures. The challenge is again to make sure all shore lines are accounted for, that all measurements are taken correctly, that all samples are taken correctly and that they are representative. All this is done by workers on the bottom of the hierarchy and even if it is technically quite simple work, it has to be done right. Error in the field can generate huge loss at the end. Supervision is crucial.

Loss prevention

STS comes with a completely different issues than operations at a shore terminal. Here physical losses do not really occur, unless there is a spill. It is either on one tanker, or on the other. But, measurements in open waters are a challenge even for the most experienced inspectors. Making the correct measurement is crucial in all aspects of liquid transportation and STS is the most challenging of all. The biggest issue here is the constant movement of the ship and the cargo. For accurate measurement things need to be still. But measuring something that moves all the time is difficult. A lot of times measurements are taken, numbers calculated and it is what it is. Here again SPECTIS inspectors will never allow some unrealistic figures to be accepted and this way preventing huge financial losses.

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