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Blending is procedure when two different grades of liquid create a new grade. This can be just improving one parameter or changing the product entirely. Regardless, the precision and constant attendance is always important once such operations are taking place. Blend needs to be on spec and also it needs to be economically maximized. Meaning, the cost of the components must be kept to minimum so the client can maximize profit on sale of the finished blend.

In recent years, it is evident that the operators and schedulers in the oil trading industry are getting younger and younger. Older colleagues on the other hand are either pursuing careers higher up in the companies or simply retiring from the industry altogether. The knowledge gap is becoming more and more evident. The most visible issue would be lack of proper understanding of some basic procedures in the field. Lack of understanding how things get done can lead to high levels of stress and also making wrong decisions and subsequently higher costs or higher losses at the end of the day.

SPECTIS can and does provide different levels of education courses on topic of measurements, blending and loss control. The basic idea is to offer closer view on the work in the field and to understand the dynamics of interactions between trading office, ship, terminal, inspection company… All of them have their own interests and will try to play the game in their own favor. Understanding this can help in foreseeing events and reacting in time to prevent actions that are financially hurting the company.

Programs can be as short 4 hrs. or tailored to specific clients and can take several days with workshops included.

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