DD Inspection

Terminal vetting

It happens quite often, that there is a need to have more storage. Sometimes there is a lot of options and it is easy to select the most respectable and reputable storage company. But sometimes there is not that much to choose from. Also, in this global village not all areas have the same standards and it is easy to fall in a trap to assume all is ok.


It is wise to send an experienced inspector to visually check the status of the terminal and to check all the paperwork.  to check all the safety and security procedures and to check environmental issues as well. Today a lot of first-class companies demand from their contractors to follow western standards. And if they fail to do so, they might get a hefty fine from the regulators. That is why you appoint SPECTIS to perform a due diligence inspection and then the real picture of the installation can be seen – and the best action can be taken.

Vessel vetting

Same as with shore terminals, vessels can pose a huge environmental and financial risk. It is important that vessels are in good shape, well maintained and to have crew that know how to operate them. SPECTIS team of ex tanker mariners is well qualified to perform such vetting’s and give accurate [picture of what the vessel is in reality.

Shore lines, pipelines, vessel tank vetting

Sometimes only a part of terminal is in question, a tank is going from black to clean, a tank has been modified, overhauled, upgraded. Whatever the reason, it might be beneficial to know what is the condition inside of the tank. Being on shore or on ship. Again, SPECTIS is well qualified to do this anywhere in the world.

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